Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dearest Kayla,

Another year has flown by and it’s once again time for me to reflect on how much you’ve grown and changed.  My little 7 pound bundle is turning 7… on 7/7.  Seems to me that 7 is your lucky number!

This year you took your first shot at interior design, helping us redecorate your new bedroom.  You chose the perfect shade of pink for your walls, then promptly decided you didn’t like pink any more after I painted it.  Little turd.  You got new carpet and furniture and a closet that will hopefully hold everything you need as you grow.  I’m so happy that you finally have a nice space to call your own. 

You’re now on summer break from school, having flown through first grade in amazing fashion.  You made your daddy and I both ridiculously proud by blowing away the previous points record in the school’s “Reading Counts” program – by more than double!  You are a voracious reader, just like Mommy and Nana.  You love to stay up and read after we put you to bed.  You still say that you love math and now science too.  Your favorite special is gym, then library… but music is your least favorite right now. 

Around the end of school, you took part in the Warwick Youth Field Hockey camp.  You are an absolute natural with a field hockey stick in your hands; quick and careful with your ball handling, and it seemed to hold your attention much better than soccer.  We very much enjoyed watching you play and hope that your love of the sport only continues to grow. 

This summer you are back at St. Paul’s part time, spending time with old friends and making new ones.  We have other kiddos over to swim in the pool almost every weekend; it’s been wonderful to have someone with the same energy level as you around at least some of the time. Besides swimming, you still love to play games, color, and play with the dog.  Your favorite shows right now are Cutthroat Kitchen and Good Eats – we even went to see Alton Brown live this year. 

You have had three pet hermit crabs this year, two of which we have sadly had to say goodbye to.  Even though Snappy (aka Scuttle, aka Buddy) took one opportunity to latch onto your hand, I know you love the little critters.  It’s fun to watch you nurture something mostly on your own. 

Last summer we went to the beach, where you discovered your new most favorite activity – mini golf!  In May, we went to Washington DC together.  We saw the monuments, White House and the capitol – but the Museum of Natural History was by far your favorite.  We braved a drizzly day at the zoo to catch a close-up glimpse of Bao Bao, the baby panda, in a tree. 

This year we will celebrate with a Zootopia themed birthday party for you and your friends.  I know you’re excited to have everyone in the pool with you, and I am excited for you to have a good time. 

Although entertaining you is sometimes challenging, I still get my share of snuggles – my favorite thing.  Nothing makes me happier than a hug or an elusive kiss.  You’re still as sweet and sensitive and caring as ever darling girl, and I love to see you holding on to so many of these qualities as you grow. 

More than anything, little angel, I want you to know how proud of you that your daddy and I are and that we love you more than we could have imagined loving anyone.  You’re the light and joy in our lives and we cherish every moment of watching you grow. 

Happy birthday, Kayla. 

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy

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