Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm alive... promise

I can’t believe I actually allowed things to lapse for almost 3 months here.  In my defense, we did have a really busy summer… or at least I did.  I tidied up 12 credits during July and August, and only to an 11 day breather before the Fall semester (another 9 credits) started.  I did get my Dean’s List certificate for the 2012 academic year – my first one ever if you can believe it.  The countdown is on.  I register for my final semester in 28 days; I am just 7 months (give or take) from finally being done. 
We spent a few days at the beach with my in-laws in September; the weather was beautiful and we got to relax a little for those few days.  Kayla was in absolute heaven – playing in the sand, jumping in the waves, flying her kite and walking on the boardwalk.  She’s a little beach bum, just like us.  I loved our annual beach vacation when I was little, and I’m glad that she loves it now too. 
I started a new job about 3 weeks ago.  The jury is still out on how the future is going to shape up, but for right now I’m not super happy about it.  Hopefully I’ll have a better report once I’m fully into the routine of this department, but for now I’m actually missing crawling through basements and labeling boxes.  Who knew?
Kayla is doing exceptionally well, as usual.  She’s really enjoying being a Pooh Bear at school – back in the same classroom as her pals Paige and Lydia.  Huzzah!  She seems to love it there; her being able to tell me so makes it that much easier for me.  I wish I could spend more time with her, but that will come with the Holidays and the expenditure of the rest of my PTO. 
So for now, we are all alive and well, just tangled up in the day to day.  My brain needs exercise beyond reading about the history of Medical Insurance though, so I hope to be back soon. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Third Birthday!

Dearest little Kayla -

Here we are again, one day out from another fabulous birthday.  Once again I get to sit back and think about how far we've come in a year and smile.  You are so sweet and loving.  You are imaginative, smart and funny.  Most of all you are now 100% potty trained.  :-)  I am so proud of you; I can't even begin to tell you about my favorite moments.  There are far too many of them. 

You love to tell jokes, sing to yourself, and imitate things you've heard us say.  You are a champion bedtime staller; just one more story or one more song... again and again.  You love to color, draw, do puzzles and read books.  You navigate the iPod completely on your own but insist on saying "about" when you mean "without."  You love your puppy dog and playing outside. 

We had a whirlwind birthday week off... shopping for your party, having lunch with Grandma, your first fireworks and a trip to the aquarium.  So many fun things to do!  We also had to deal with the business of your doctor appointment.  You're now 37" and 30 pounds - still growing right on track!  We were also happy to hear that your heart murmur has resolved itself. 

Your party was a smashing success - our family and some of your friends all came together to celebrate.  Triple digit temperatures weren't enough to stop us from having a great time. 

Thank you for everything, sweet angel.  These have been the best and fastest 3 years ever.  I look forward to what this year brings. 

Love alaways -


Monday, June 11, 2012

Victories and Defeats

I came home from work today smiling with the knowledge that Kayla was doing a fantastic job on her first day in big girl panties. 

I came home from our HOA meeting with tears and extra hugs, because I know a mother who is hugging her sweet little fighter for the last time. 

I was hoping to write more, but nothing seems to come out right.  RIP little Sophie.  In your short time with us you were an inspiration and you will be missed.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sick Day

Poor little dear had a stomach bug today.  Sweet little dog didn't leave her side. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More creeping crud

Another wave of illnesses has struck our house.  After Kayla’s 5 day unexplained fever came pink eye for me and a stomach bug for Shaun.  Good times here people.  I still haven’t met my cousin’s adorable baby girl and the wait is KILLING me.  She’s going to be crawling by the time I get to see her at this rate. 


In happier news, my spring class is winding down and my schedule is all set for the summer and fall.  I’m a little behind where I’d hoped to be, but looks like May 17th, 2013 is the graduation date.  Well, technically it will be the 10th (or whenever I finish my exams) because I really have zero interest in walking at graduation.  It’s going to be crazy between now and then, with 1 class that requires on campus labs for Summer I, two classes that require on campus exams for the Fall, and the fact that Summer I and II overlap, so for about 6 weeks, I will be taking 4 classes at once.  I will be so glad when this is over.



Sunday, April 1, 2012

So a month has come and gone

And I'm still slacking off without the benefit of having my knee to blame.  Over the last month, there were several more weeks of PT, a trip to the Strasburg RR, a St. Patty's day party and my first sunburn of the season, being relased from PT, a trip to Newark, DE for some fun with friends AND a puppy.  All that on top of the wife/mom/employee/student thing... makes for a busy month.  Our laptop is currently out of commission as well, so separating myself from the herd to write more than my required discussion questions for school is tough.  I'm going to try to get both blogs updated soon (plus add a few recipes to the cooking blog) and hopefully get back on track.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time is shorter but my knee is better

I’m happy to report that I’m walking very nearly like a normal human being again.  I still need to take stairs like a toddler to avoid pain, but I’m able to move around fairly well, although slowly.  I owe my physical therapist a huge debt of gratitude; he’s understanding and kind and has really helped me feel better and stronger, even though I still don’t trust my knee 100%.  I’m getting there though. 


In the meantime, I am cramming just about everything else I can into my non-working hours.  My late-start spring class began last week and I’m now 3 chapters in to Human Resources Management.  I have an awful lot of thoughts about that (most of them relating to my current situation) but it’s probably best if I just cram it for now.  Saturday is my day at Nikon School, which I am super thrilled about – I haven’t really picked the camera up as much since I got hurt, and I hate that.  Last night I was trying to capture a particular shot I wanted for Shaun, and I tried to go to my knees without thinking… ouch.  I can’t wait until my knee is no longer hampering my ability to shoot.  I’ve only put 200 or so shutter actuations on the D5100, and the weather is slowly getting better.  I’m aching for some more practice and a chance to really “get to know” the new camera.  It shoots a little bit differently than the D40 did, so I’m still messing with it so I get the desired results every time.  SO looking forward to having our trip to the Strasburg RR to work on some things!


And so, the cycle continues… work, school, home and once in a while fun.  The circle of life, right?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mea Culpa

Funny how quickly I fell off that 30 day challenge bandwagon, eh?  Well, last Thursday I attempted to write out my post about something I feel strongly about in a Vicodin induced haze on my iPod and failed miserably. 


Everything kind of fell apart when I dislocated (we think anyway – still waiting to hear from the doctor about my MRI results) my knee last Thursday morning.  I’ve been in a fair amount of pain and trying to get around as best I can in my gimpy state.  Hopefully it will get better soon.  The 30-day challenge will resume when I’m able to walk again.    

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 1

Five ways to win my heart:

1.  Find "our song."
2.  Tell me I look pretty and mean it.
3.  Do something that I want to do, even if you hate it.
4.  Remember my favorites.  Bust one out once in a while.
5.  Random acts of romance.

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Since my 30 day photo challenge did wonders for my photography blog, I decided I needed to do a 30 day challenge here as well to exercise those creative writing itches I've been having as well.  It's going to get tough in a couple of weeks since I actually managed to pick up a late semester class (YAY for using my brain) but I'm going to try anyway.  After all, from now until whenever I actually manage to finish, it's always going to be something.

SO - thus I begin my 30 day challenge.  Here's the list:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random thoughts...

-I’m concerned that we have gone WAAAAAYYYY backwards in the potty training arena.  Trying to be patient, but still concerned. 

-I am irrationally excited for Nikon School in March. 

-Am I the only person in the universe that hates minky dot fabric?

-My D5100 arrived yesterday.  My D40 leaves tonight.  Happy/sad. 

-Kayla has had more diaper rash lately than in her entire life.  Another reason I’m dying to ditch the diapers. 

-Shaun’s birthday is coming up.  Present purchased; do I need to plan something else?

-Valentine’s day is only a week after that.  Should I be thinking about dinner out? 

-I need to take that jar of coins over to be counted. 

-There is a run in my last pair of “good” pantyhose.  So much for wanting to dress like a girl again. 

-Dying for warm weather already… with an awful lot of winter to go. 

-Need to add some stuff to the recipe blog. It is sad and lonely. 

-Need to do a 30 day challenge for this blog so I update more often. 

-Need to find another 30 day challenge for the photo blog – love how that made me pick up my camera daily. 

-I can’t wait to re-enroll in classes.  I need to get on that train and finish up. 


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

3 Day Potty Training (In 2 1/2 days) Part 3

Not feeling so confident today.  2 accidents before 10 am - it seems like we're going backwards.  Not sure if we should even send her to school in underwear tomorrow; not sure if I can handle the fallout of trying to get her back into diapers. 

Good grief. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 Day Potty Training (in 2 1/2 days) part 2

7:00 am: Wake up later than usual, pull up is damp.  Go potty, switch to underwear and go downstairs.
8:00 am: Have eaten breakfast, done puzzles and gone potty twice.  High and dry. 
9:25 am: Go potty, wash hands, have snack.  Still so far so good. 
11:25 am: Still no accidents.  Pepere and Grammy Sue come for a visit and we have 2 more potty trips and some good distracted time. 
1:45 pm:  I get out of the shower and come downstairs to an accident shortly after.  Oops.  Almost 7 hours without though - super proud!
3:00 pm: Manage a quick potty break and a walk up to Turkey Hill without incident.  Starting to feel confident again. 

Here's where the timeline gets hazy... I got caught up with making dinner, we had one more wetting accident, and no sooner did I get her changed from that then she pooped again (not in the potty).  Feeling a little less confident now than I was at say... noon today.  We'll see how Sunday goes.  She will NOT be happy if I try to go back to diapers for school on Monday, but I really don't want to have to leave work to drop off spare clothing on Monday afternoon.  *le sigh*

Friday, January 6, 2012

3 Day Potty Training (in 2 1/2 days) part 1

Earlier this week, I decided it was probably a good time to start with underwear training for Kayla.  I've read a bit about the 3 day method, where you switch to underwear and hopefully don't look back after 3 days.  Accidents are expected, and it's about getting the little one to pay attention to their bodies and know when they have to go. 

All week I've been telling Kayla that this afternoon we would put her in her big girl underwear and it was her job to keep it dry.  We went to target and picked out some new underwear and a second potty to have downstairs.  She seemed pretty excited about it all. 

So today when I got home from the store, she sat on the potty and then changed into big girl underwear!  We sat down to watch a movie, and after a while, I suggested we go sit on the potty - which she did, and she went!  Success!

A little later I was on the phone trying to get an appointment to have Shaun's car serviced, she came over and I didn't realize she was trying to tell me she had to go... so we had our first accident about 2 hours in. That's what I get for allowing myself to get distracted. 

1:30: Failed nap attempt.  Get Kayla up and put her on her potty then in her big girl underwear.  
2:15: Use potty, celebrate with praise and a peanut butter cup. 
3:30: First accident.  Quick change, gentle reminders to stay dry and lots more hugs. 
4:15: Second accident.  Quick change, another reminder.  Note to self - keep checking every 30-45 minutes, no more!
7:00: Four more successful potty trips and zero more accidents.  Having snack and feeling good!
7:15: As she's playing at her kitchen, I hear "uh oh mommy!  Poop in my panties!"  Off we go to the potty, where we manage to get 75% of the offending load.  Then it's off to the tub and I feel like a real jakcass for feeling so smug just a few minutes before. 
8:15:  With Kayla bathed, the toys picked up, snack finished and one more pee in the potty, she is tucked into bed with a pull-up on. 

Not a bad time all in all - I actually anticipated much, much worse.  I'm going to try to track tomorrow's progress - hopefully a little more closely since Shaun should be home with me most of the day, unlike today.