Sunday, November 23, 2008

All about food...

It cracks me up that the pregnancy tracker I downloaded for my iPod tracks the baby's growth in terms of food. Baby G is now the size of a blueberry. Next week, we're looking at a raspberry. I suppose for some people it makes the life inside them seem more tangible. It just makes me hungry.

It's a cruel and unusual joke for sure that the best way to keep the morning sickness away is to keep food in my stomach, but that absolutely nothing appeals to me right now. I am sick of snacking on pretzels. I can't even tolerate the smell of them any more. I munch on Triscuit Thin Crisps from time to time, but they're starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. What am I to do when I have more aversions than cravings? EEK.

Speaking of cravings, they have been relatively few and tolerable so far. Last week I had one day where I would have sold my soul for a McDonald's sausage biscuit. But it was 1:00 in the afternoon. I forced myself to sit on my hands for a while before darting out to Sheetz for two of their sausage biscuits with cheese. Yum. Friday I decided to forgo my Healthy Choice lunch in favor of two slices from Nino's that Baby had to have. Totally worth it. Yesterday I took a short nap on the couch, and woke up with a need for sweet. Although Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream was the first thing that came to mind, we had none and had just been to the store. Damn. I managed to satisfy that one with some red grapes and apple slices instead.

So far so good for keeping things down, but I have a feeling this is not meant to last. It's getting harder and harder to keep the "oh no, here it comes" feeling away. Thankfully with a short work week this week, a full week next week, a short week the week of our anniversary, a full week after that and then a full 2 weeks off, I should be feeling better by the time we get back from our Christmas vacation. I keep telling myself that it's only a few more weeks, then I should be feeling better... only a few more weeks...


Monday, November 17, 2008

Not much new to report...

I figured the internet world at large (not to mention my friends and family) has no interest in my often unpleasant, sometimes disgusting and occasionally embarrasing symptoms that are now making themselves known in my world, so I really haven't had much to write about.

One thing I did want to mention is the sincere gratitude I feel to have many wonderful friends in my life; many of them like family to me. Most of my closest friends already have children, so I am leaning on their wisdom and experience as I prepare for this myself. Mandy has been a huge help to me, pointing me in the right direction for morning sickness relief or the places to find the cutest maternity clothes. Jean sends me text messages all the time to make sure I'm eating and sleeping enough. Our friend Kristen brought me to tears with her kindness the other night. After announcing to she and Adam that we are expecting, she asked me to stop by their house the next day. When I arrived, I found she had two huge gift bags for me, stuffed with all the necessities that a "Pregnancy Survival Kit" would require. I can't begin to describe how much this meant to me! Not only had she worked at the hospital all night, she spent her day gathering all the gifts, putting them together, and writing a letter to me explaining each item and how I might find it useful. All while she SHOULD have been sleeping. It's hard to express how lucky I feel to have wonderful ladies like these three in my life!

Shaun and I started adding a few things to our baby registry over the last day or two; that's exciting. We're anxious for the cable guy to come visit on Saturday so we can start to think about emptying the office and making plans for its new life as a nursery. I look around at the now white walls and try to imagine them in shades of brown and blue, with a white crib against one wall, and a rocking chair in the corner. Although I gave it half a thought when Jaime mentioned the possibility of a chair rail the other day, looking at some of these corners and angles in this room has my head spinning. I think painter's tape will do the trick just fine. Perhaps if it seems as though we're going to stay here for a while, further improvements to the room will come as baby grows.

We are looking forward to our trip to Reading on Saturday evening for BRU shopping and our celebratory dinner out. I am doing my best to make sure I treasure every quiet moment we have now since they will be few and far between in the not so distant future. Now to find the perfect little gift for the daddy to be so he knows how excited I am for the two of us to continue to grow and walk with each other, and as a growing family...


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Braver...

Now that our immediate families and a few close friends know about our impending arrival, I've found myself feeling a bit less anxious about everything. The more apparent symptoms starting to kick in are also making things feel a bit more real.

So yesterday I took the next big step and made the first baby related purchases. To start off with, a shirt to wear to Thanksgiving dinner (my cutesy way of announcing it to the rest of the fam without saying a word):

Then while at the mall with Mandy, I got suckered in to an oh-so-cute onsie at Baby Gap (despite constantly saying that I will NEVER shop for my children at Baby Gap. It was to be all WalMart and garage sales until they were old enough to know better!):

Finally, at Motherhood, I purchased a container of "Preggie Pops" hard candies. These are supposed to help with morning sickness (although they induce morning sickness in me as I absolutely HATE the terms preggo and preggie) and I am hoping they'll help me continue to fight the few lingering smoking cravings as well.

It was such a huge step forward for me to walk into these stores with joy and anticipation rather than simply walking by and avoiding looking up to try to ease the pain that I felt every time I saw anything baby related. What an amazing feeling to have joy instead of sorrow on a regular basis.

We are so blessed!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First OB Appointment

Well, as anticpated, I was asked to PIAC so they could confirm my positive test results. The doctor went over the high points of the prenatal care schedule and ordered some bloodwork. It seems that all is well as of now. The doctor agreed with my analysis that I am approximately 5 weeks pregnant right now. This puts my EDD at July 11, 2009.

We have also gotten the date for our first ultrasound - December 17th! I don't know if I can hang in that long without going bonkers, but I guess I don't have much choice! Now we just have to wait and keep counting down the days and the milestones until we can start making some major decisions.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Quickie Update...

I am in for my confirmation appointment at May-Grant at 2:15 PM tomorrow. I was hoping they could squeeze me in today, but at least this way I won't sit around bored either day. I'm already jumping out of my skin to start shopping and whatnot! ;-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just when we were about to give up...

For the benefit of those who are not aware of what has happened to this point, here are the highlights... I stopped my birth control in May of 2006 in hopes of my cycle regulating itself by the time that Shaun and I were ready to try to conceive. I wasn't very lucky in this aspect; getting pregnant proved to be more difficult than either of us had ever imagined. After over a year of trying, I switched doctors in hopes of getting some answers. I was told to come back in October.

Because of how things fell with other large purchases we made, as well as where we were sitting with our health insurance, we decided to hold off on any further testing until the beginning of 2009. It was a hard decision, but just seemed to make much more sense. As it would turn out, we wouldn't have to wait that long.

This morning, that elusive "positive" result finally came!

That's right, I'm pregnant!

I was in complete shock when the second line came right up on the first test this morning. Still in shock when the digital taken a few hours later read "pregnant."

After nearly 2 years of trying, we finally got pregnant on cycle 15. I can hardly believe it.

Shaun and I are both thrilled about the news, and look forward to all the milestones to come for us and our little one. For now though, I remain cautious until I know that everything is OK and our baby is going to stick.

Since I didn't track this cycle for when I ovulated and because of my irregular cycles, I am not quite sure how far along I am. I wish this hadn't hapened on a Sunday so I could call the doctor right away! I estimate that I am somewhere between 4 and 5 weeks though.