Friday, August 27, 2010

Doing it again

Two brags in one day... this can't be good for my karma, but I can't help it.  Today I was so thrilled to come  home from work and find this little beauty waiting for me in my mail box:

Some flavor of mother's jewelry had been on my list for some time.  I really wanted a ruby to wear for my little angel.  From seeing it on other blogs and even in a recent magazine, I'd been eyeing up the Dainty Drops necklace from The Vintage Pearl for what feels like years... I think it was probably only months, but still.  That's a long time to wait for something you really want.  I finally pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago and it was totally worth the wait.  The second I put it on, it just felt right.  My only regret is not thinking to just add circles and/or stones for Shaun and myself while I was at it!  Perhaps in the not too distant future...

Already Harvard Bound

I know every parent on Earth thinks their kid is the smartest kid EVER... but I don't want to forget everything Kayla is doing, so here's my brag list. 

She knows "where her shoes go," and can point to her toes, ears and nose when asked.  She knows what a doggie says (though it sounds more like wuh wuh) and in addition to "cracker" she has picked up "baby" (when pointing to herself in a picture) and "duckie."  She babbles all the time and I'm always listening in for more words coming through. 

She's walking really well now, and loves to hold my hand and walk up the path at daycare.  Last weekend she started taking little steps sideways and backwards.  She's getting really quick at going up the stairs, and knows when we go up.  If I say anything about bed time, bath time or nap time, she scurries over and waits for me to move the gate so she can climb up.  She will normally run right into her room, pull some PJ's out of her dresser drawer, and run up and down the hallway with them.  Sometimes she will go straight into our room and bounce on the bed.  As soon as she hears the water in the tub though, that becomes the sole focus.  This girl still loves bath time! 

When in front of the mirror, she gives herself kisses when we tell her to; she's also giving us kisses when we ask again (she had been doing that but stopped for a while).  The other night Shaun had her in his arms and he told her "I love you" and she leaned in and gave him a kiss.  I nearly died of the sweetness of it all. 

The most recent thing has been trying to put her own socks on.  She used to just hold them up to her feet, but in the last few days she has started stretching the opening out the way I do when I put them on for her.  She's also recently started to feed herself with a fork and spoon.  It's a little messy but she gets the job done! 

Every day is an adventure seeing what else she's going to pick up or say or do.  I love it.  I didn't think I'd love anything as much as the cuddly newborn phase, but there is just nothing like coming in the door after work and hearing the squeal of joy just before she comes around the corner and runs into my arms.  What a great feeling.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First "official" word

At first we weren't sure, but yesterday and today confirmed it.  Every time we open up the pantry door, someone rushes over, lifts up her hands and says clear as day...


Not mama, not dada, but cracker.  That's my girl. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mommy's little nudger

The central incisors have finally broken the gumline - soon enough she won't have fangs any more. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Is there a spot in the baby book?

I’m wondering where I put the keepsakes from “Baby’s first ER visit.”

Before I go any further, don’t worry – Kayla is fine.  But I absolutely had to record this one for posterity. 


Last night I took Kayla upstairs with me so I could try to get changed and ready to hang out for a little while before giving her a bath and putting her down for the night… after which I had tons of work to do (we’re getting ready to paint the living room).  I didn’t realize that my mug full of change was back down on my nightstand, and before I know it I am sweeping her mouth and getting two quarters out.  She didn’t seem too bothered at first but then she threw herself to the ground.  At first I thought tantrum, but when it continued downstairs I started to worry.  Normally Shaun’s Blackberry will solve any problem; not this time.  She screamed and writhed and arched her back… I didn’t know what to do. 


Assuming that she was in pain, I called the doctor first.  Since I couldn’t state with any degree of certainty that she didn’t swallow a coin, they said to take her straight to the ER.  So I packed up the diaper bag and off we went.  By the time we got to the hospital, she was calm.  She even smiled at me while I was getting her out of her seat. 


We got checked in pretty quickly.  A nurse brought us back to check her O2 stats and get some basic information.  Then we were shown to a room where we sat on the bed and I tried not to worry.  Within minutes we were back in X-ray.  Kayla actually laid pretty still for that ordeal.  I was surprised and pleased; as we were walking out, I heard “I don’t see anything.”  Reassuring, even though I knew we’d have to wait for a doctor to confirm.  We went back to our room and sat for a while before the doctor came and gave Kayla a quick exam.  He said she seemed OK, but he needed to look at the X-ray and then he’d be back with us.  So we sat.  And sat.  Kayla tossed my cell phone on the floor, sending the case in one direction and the battery in the other.  Twice.  I managed to keep her entertained until the doctor came back and said the X-ray was clean and that someone would be by with discharge instructions.  A nurse came by to check Kayla’s O2 stats again – she screamed bloody murder the entire time.  You could tell the poor guy was really uncomfortable dealing with a baby.  I felt bad for him; he took off running as soon as I could free my left hand to sign the discharge sheet. 


So I guess it was just a tantrum after all – I’m waiting to see what driving down to LGH for a little peace of mind is going to cost us.  I’m going to be sure to tuck that bill right into her baby book with her admission bracelet and the parking garage ticket with the date and time…


And the mug full of change is now up on top of a dresser, where it will stay. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Shot July 27, 009... approximately a million years ago.

Life's a Beach

I'm severely behind on both blogs... I think pictures of Kayla's first beach experience will say more than I can.  Thanks Dad, for photographing this for me!

And one more of her second beach day, for good measure...