Friday, February 25, 2011

Toddlerhood at its best

Busy times in the house lately... I've been running non-stop everywhere except where I should be - on the elliptical.  It's been a tough week, but hopefully I haven't set myself back too far.  Work has been insane... I am so sick of driving all over the state and crawling around in dusty basements and labeling boxes.  Then when I finally get back to my desk, I have so many projects going on that I hardly know where to start. 

Kayla on the other hand, is doing everything she should and more.  She's really picking up a lot and saying more phrases every day.  She loves to talk, and has finally started opening up at daycare.  She says "please" and "thank you" pretty regularly.  She's counting to 10 with no help, and we're still working on letters and colors.  She loves to sing songs, and do "this little piggy" on her feet. 

She's very opinionated and has a sense of style that's all her own.  She no longer lets me pick her outfits in the morning - she has to have a say in that matter.  She discovered her Babylegs in her top drawer and loves to pull them over her arms like sleeves.  She loves to have her back scratched and her feet rubbed.  If you start one of those, don't plan to stop... 

The latest thing that has me worried is her tendency to go all kamikaze out of nowhere.  She loves to climb onto her chair and then tumble off onto the floor and giggle.  She runs full bore around the house and occasionally takes a spill.  She usually handles it pretty well, but we've had our share of tears as well. 

So that's the latest and greatest. What's going on with you right now?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

From us and the little girl who couldn't even put her balloon down to have dinner. 

Bowed but not broken

So week 2 of the C25K program didn't go well for me.  I decided to repeat week 2 starting tonight.  Maybe it was the crap I ate at lunch today.  Maybe it was the cold I'm starting to come down with... but tonight my heart just wasn't in it.  I'm still floating out there in limbo-land... waiting for the weather to get warm so I can take this show outside. 

Hopefully that will help.  Maybe?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes order comes from chaos

My schedule this week was completely FUBARed.  Monday we had the HOA meeting.  Tuesday I ran.  Wednesday I was on the road from 8 am until 6:30 pm for work.  I missed dinner.  I was too late for bath time.  I had only a few minutes to snuggle my girl, feed her snack and put her to bed.  Thursday I was on the road again.  Picked Kayla up at my in-laws' house, made dinner for the family, cleaned up, bathed her, blanched some green beans so I could freeze them, and by the time I should have been on the elliptical, I was being undone by these little monsters:

These were itty-bitty versions of what I normally make.  Dozens and dozens of them.  Little army men marching me off the cliff of death by sugar high.  And that was only from the occasional finger lick.  I didn't even get to enjoy one of them.  Ahh, the things we do for our children.  The word on the street is they were quite a hit at Kayla's Valentines Day party today.  Totally worth it. 

So tonight I snuggled Kayla a little bit more than usual before I put her to bed.  I changed, stretched, waited a few minutes.  Then I made myself go downstairs to do penance for missing last night.  I hopped on and started to move, and I stood there looking at the console of the elliptical: my iPod (gotta have tunes), my Blackberry (just in case Shaun needs to get in touch with me), the baby monitor (since I'm on my own if she wakes up)... and it hit me as though I had run right off the machine and into the concrete basement wall.  I had actually really started to enjoy this.  Not because I like to run; Lord knows that hasn't been the case in over 10 years.  Not because I really want to exercise - let's be honest - who really wants to do that?  But because those 25 minutes, 3 times a week... those are MY minutes.  I go to the basement, crank my music and I don't think about packing lunches or doing laundry or did I return that email or what did I leave sitting on my desk that evening when I finally clocked out?  I don't count the days since I last ran the vacuum or scrubbed the toilets.  I don't wonder if the humidifier is full or if Kayla is sleeping OK.  I don't really think of anything.  I just go.  And I love that.  I love that time when I can shut off my brain and let my  muscles take over for a little while. 

It's amazing when a small moment of clarity hits you in the midst of the craziness of day to day life and you realize what it's all for. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

McFatty... Tuesday?

So things got shaken up a bit this week.  Last night I got home from work, inhaled a quick bite and gave Shaun his birthday gifts so we could bathe the baby and take off for our HOA meeting.  We were there until after 9 pm, so the workout got pushed to tonight. 

The progress?  Slow.  My weight is still hovering around the same place it was 2 weeks ago.  I'm OK with that.  I don't think I look much different, nor do I feel much different.  That's tougher to deal with.  I know I'm only in week 3 of running, but I really thought I'd see or feel some difference by now.  I still haven't started my weight training either.  That's my goal for this week.  Even if it's only a few sets of bicep curls and some sit ups - strength training is super important. 

Anyway, I did run workout 1 of week 2 tonight and it felt pretty good.  I'm glad it's done because I didn't feel remotely like running.  I'm also glad that I pushed through and did it.  Tomorrow I will be on the road for work again, hefting boxes and moving a lot.  Hopefully I won't also be paying for tonight. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

She melts me

Tonight Kayla was a real mess.  She threw a fit when we tried to get her to have dinner.  She cried all but non stop for nearly an hour.  Finally I managed to get her to eat some grapes.  When she had emptied her bowl she held it up and asked for more.  As I was cutting them for her, she came over and wrapped her arms around my leg and said "thank you, mommy."

I think my heart is still laying in a melted puddle on the kitchen floor.