Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Every time I go MIA for a few weeks, I promise to do better.  And every time I end up in the same spot.  Busy.  Rushed.  Frazzled.  Blogging is such a great outlet for me – but finding time gets tough.  I’m sitting here staring at the calendar, and I can’t believe the date.  Is it really the end of April already? 


Right now we’re back to working on unloading our house.  We know we have to sell at a loss, but we’re willing to do it.  We need to get out.  It’s currently listed For Sale By Owner so we can try to minimize the financial loss – a realtor’s commission just pushes our bottom line price too close to the max of what we think we can get.  So if anyone knows anyone looking for a lovely little townhouse in the LTZ, send them my way.  The deck is freshly painted, the landscaping tidied and the floors… well… I plan to clean those soon. 


Over the last 2 weeks I applied, was interviewed and almost immediately told I was not going to be considered for, a new position at work.  I waited 9 long months for an opportunity to come along and just that quick, watched it slip away.  “Potential conflict of interests” says HR… So this has brought the potential of school back into focus.  Maybe a baby step – an associate’s degree.  Make something of the 70+ credits that I’m sitting on.  It’s difficult to think about doing it on top of the full time job, wife and mom thing… but it may be my only shot. I’m certainly not getting any younger. 


Life with a toddler is wonderful.  Challenging.  Infuriating.  Exhausting.  Amazing.  She’s doing and saying so much.  She can articulate her wants and needs pretty clearly.  Although not as articulate, she’s no less adamant when we get it wrong.  She never wants to come inside, and never wants to ride in a cart or her stroller any more.   And heaven help me if I don’t listen when she says “no mommy, DIS way!” and tugs firmly on my hand.  We have our first swimming lesson coming up on Saturday.  I’m looking forward to it, even though it means squeezing into a bathing suit.  In front of people.  Ugh. 


I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll report back if we have any news on the house or anything else exciting in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, stay tuned for Birthday Party plans (my baby is going to be TWO in just 10 weeks!) and Easter Pictures.  Hopefully early next week, as long as I finish my essays for my CBCP certification! 

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