Thursday, May 19, 2011

Always Remember

Tonight was the first night in a while that we didn't have anything going on .  I took the opportunity to have some real cuddle/play time with Kayla.  I never want to forget how much fun it is to sit there with a giggling pile of blankets, pillows and stuffed anmials with some little toes sticking out from underneath;  how much it makes me laugh to watch her methodically strip all of the clothes off her Baby Stella only to hear her exclaim "Baby Bella!  Where clothes go?!?" in shock and horror; the way she giggles and exclaims "again!" when I do 'this little piggy' or peek out from behind a pillow and surprise her. 

Too often still I get wrapped up in the day to day stuff, and I worry that I'm going to lose sight of what really matters.  It's so easy to rush around trying to get things done and before you know it another week is gone...  maybe it's because we're down to 7 weeks to go until her second birthday... maybe I'm just having a (typical) sentimental moment. 

Either way, it's time for a break.  Counting down until vacation and some much needed de-stressing with the monkey. 

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