Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evil, thy name is

Viral pharyingitis.  Kayla spiked a fever on Saturday.  She was fussy and clingy, but it was under control with ibuprofen, so I didn't think too much of it. Sunday the fever was gone, but she still wasn't right.  Kayla is a pretty laid back kid (as far as toddlers go) but she was very temperamental all day Sunday.  I chalked it up to her 2 year molars coming in.  Yesterday she was an absolute disaster at daycare and when Shaun brought her home, so I took her to the doctor.  Turns out she was sick.  Poor monkey. 

We're hanging out at home today, hopefully getting plenty of rest and maybe I can catch up on the cleaning I've been neglecting. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh ugh! That stuff is no fun,I tell ya, no fun at all! It'll pass though .