Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time is shorter but my knee is better

I’m happy to report that I’m walking very nearly like a normal human being again.  I still need to take stairs like a toddler to avoid pain, but I’m able to move around fairly well, although slowly.  I owe my physical therapist a huge debt of gratitude; he’s understanding and kind and has really helped me feel better and stronger, even though I still don’t trust my knee 100%.  I’m getting there though. 


In the meantime, I am cramming just about everything else I can into my non-working hours.  My late-start spring class began last week and I’m now 3 chapters in to Human Resources Management.  I have an awful lot of thoughts about that (most of them relating to my current situation) but it’s probably best if I just cram it for now.  Saturday is my day at Nikon School, which I am super thrilled about – I haven’t really picked the camera up as much since I got hurt, and I hate that.  Last night I was trying to capture a particular shot I wanted for Shaun, and I tried to go to my knees without thinking… ouch.  I can’t wait until my knee is no longer hampering my ability to shoot.  I’ve only put 200 or so shutter actuations on the D5100, and the weather is slowly getting better.  I’m aching for some more practice and a chance to really “get to know” the new camera.  It shoots a little bit differently than the D40 did, so I’m still messing with it so I get the desired results every time.  SO looking forward to having our trip to the Strasburg RR to work on some things!


And so, the cycle continues… work, school, home and once in a while fun.  The circle of life, right?

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