Thursday, April 26, 2012

More creeping crud

Another wave of illnesses has struck our house.  After Kayla’s 5 day unexplained fever came pink eye for me and a stomach bug for Shaun.  Good times here people.  I still haven’t met my cousin’s adorable baby girl and the wait is KILLING me.  She’s going to be crawling by the time I get to see her at this rate. 


In happier news, my spring class is winding down and my schedule is all set for the summer and fall.  I’m a little behind where I’d hoped to be, but looks like May 17th, 2013 is the graduation date.  Well, technically it will be the 10th (or whenever I finish my exams) because I really have zero interest in walking at graduation.  It’s going to be crazy between now and then, with 1 class that requires on campus labs for Summer I, two classes that require on campus exams for the Fall, and the fact that Summer I and II overlap, so for about 6 weeks, I will be taking 4 classes at once.  I will be so glad when this is over.



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