Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8 weeks!?!?!

Yeah, I'm a slacker. Sorry to the 3 of you who read this. :-) We've been so busy I've hardly given blogging a thought. I was also totally determined and committed to spending every possible moment with my little sweetheart before coming back to work, so sitting down at the computer usually meant running our numbers in Quicken, maybe entering some Pampers points in their website, and getting back to being a mom.

Kayla is an absolute joy of a baby. I know every parent says this, but she really is. Besides her normal bouts of bedtime fussiness, she is generally a very happy baby. She smiles all the time now and it just melts me every time. We love to go for walks in the evening now that it’s cooler out. Kayla seems to enjoy the time in her stroller, even if she does just spend most of it staring at the little pink snail toy hanging from the handle of her carrier (thanks Laura, she really loves that thing!).

My 6-week postpartum appointment went well. I am feeling really good and starting to think I look more like myself again. Even though I have a bit more weight to lose, I can deal with it now. Kayla’s next doctor appointment is on Friday, so I will have updated stats on her then. She was over 9 pounds the last time she was weighed, and I’m thinking she’s well over 10 now. I can’t wait to hear how much she’s grown!
Leaving her to go to work this morning was extraordinarily tough. This is the first time in months and months that I’ve been away from her for this long, and it’s killing me. I’ve spent the better part of my day fighting back the tears, especially when someone wants to hear about her, or asks me how I’m dealing with my return. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I never thought it was going to be this hard. Somehow though, we'll make it. Hopefully I'm somewhat used to it by next Tuesday so dropping her off at daycare for the first time won't be so hard.

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