Monday, November 23, 2009

Aaaaaand we're back.

Sorry for not posting lately; I know some were looking for updates.  Last week found both Shaun and Kayla not feeling well.  Kaya woke up last Monday night having coughing fits and crying.  I was able to feed and soothe her, but she obviously wasn't well.  I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and was told she had a virus and it had to run its course.  That didn't seem so bad at the time because she'd been relatively OK besides the cough.  After the appoinment, she developed congestion and by Wednesday she was running a fever.  I stayed home with her as much as humanly possible, burning my remaining PTO in the process. 

I've always heard parents say that it's incredibly hard to stand by when you have a sick child.  Understatment of the year.  I wanted to cry watching her struggle to breathe, listening to her cough until she choked and spit up, rocking her when she struggled to sleep because she cough kept waking her up, feeling how warm her skin was while she was feverish... I would have done ANYTHING to take all of that away from her. 

Thankfully by Saturday morning the fever had broken.  After 24 hours of no Tylenol, I declared that battle won.  She's still struggling with the congestion and the coughing fits are still present though not as violent as they were.  Sleep still isn't coming easy, but it's getting better little by little.  Last night she was only up one time to eat, which was her normal schedule. 

I'm really hoping that having the next 3 days to relax at home with Shaun helps her get better so she's good to go visiting on Thursday.  I'm excited for the long weekend for us to hang out, enjoy good food and maybe even do a little shopping for the munchkin while we are off.  I just have to survive the next 3 days first...

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LIL MAMA said...

i completely understand your suffering over the baby. i have been like this it seems for almost 2 months now.
but as you now know, just a little smile from them, makes all of our worries seem meaningless.
i hope she feels better soon, and you all have a wonderfull thanksgiving weekend ;)