Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy 4 Months!

Dear Kayla,

It's hard for me to express how amazing this last month has been.  There have been so many changes, and you're learning and doing so much.  I thought you had personality before!  Now I am really starting to see who you are. 

You're now rolling from your back to your belly and back again.  I love the way you look up and grin when you're on your tummy playing.  We've seen you start to take a real interest in your toys; figuring out how to grab things and make them make as much noise as possible on their way to your mouth is such fun! 

I can tell you are seeing better, because when you wake up in your swing, you smile at us from across the room.  You also seem to recognize our voices, smiling without even seeing us most of the time.  You still really love bath time, and tonight you splashed with your little feet for the first time and seemed to get a great amount of joy out of that. 

I hope someday you will understand how much your daddy and I love you.  I look at you with awe and love and pride every moment.  It still takes my breath away to realize how much you mean to me, and I still have to pinch myself sometimes to know that this really is happening - you really are the little girl I've dreamed of having for so long.  You're really here and you're ours.  I am so lucky that you chose me to be your mommy.  I love you, little angel. 

Love always -


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