Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 7 Months!!

Dear Kayla,

Here we are again; yet another month has flown by and I sit down to try to sum up everything that’s happened in a letter that I hope you’ll read some day. I’m still reeling from the idea that you’re now closer to being a year old than you are to your birth day.

This month we survived another round of illnesses. Somehow mommy and daddy were struck worse than you this time. While it was tough on us, I am grateful that you were mostly spared this time around. I can’t wait for winter to wind down so that hopefully less germs will be circulating at work and at daycare.

Daycare has been good; you are flourishing there.  This month I was faced with something I'd been dreading for a long time - I had to walk away from you while you cried for the first time. That was simply heart wrenching. I walked down the hall and signed you in, and as I was leaving I could still hear you sobbing. It was all I could do not to run back and scoop you up. But I survived, and so did you. Even though the next time it happens won’t be any easier I know that I can get through it. Most of the time you are wonderful while you’re there. You give the teachers lots of smiles when we arrive in the morning and you barely notice when I kiss you goodbye and leave. When Daddy stayed home sick, I got the pleasure of picking you up in the afternoon. I loved walking in and seeing you sitting in the middle of the floor playing. It was nice to be on that side of things for a change, rather than the one always leaving you there. 

You're sitting up really well now.  You haven't tumbled over backwards in quite a while, but I still put the Boppy behind you when I have to walk away.  You know, just in case.  I love watching you roll all over the living room.  You are great at getting where you want to go and just recently I noticed you using your arms to turn yourself to face where you want to go.  You're still pushing up on your hands and knees and rocking like you're ready to crawl. I think it won't be long now.  The other night you were rolling and pushing up and literally bouncing around in your crib while I got your bath ready. I wish I’d gotten it on video!

The most commonly heard phrase in our house goes something like this: “ah da da da da da [breath] ahhh da da da da da [raspberry]”. It makes me giggle every single time, especially the raspberries. You’ve gotten quite good at those.

You still haven’t cut your first tooth and I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that I love it. Your gummy little grin still makes my day! Though the drooling and chewing would suggest one might pop through any time, I’ve been saying that for at least two months. All in your own time though sweet one. Even without teeth, eating is still fun. You’ve moved on to mixed fruit purees (yum!) and we have started to introduce lunch time solids.  We've tried introducing chicken to you for the first time.  Neither mommy's homemade nor the Gerber kind went over very well.  We're going to mix some veggies in tonight and keep trying though! 

It’s been another wonderful month having you in our lives. We are so proud of you and love watching you grow. Although I still get teary about the fact that you’re no longer the tiny little baby I brought home in July, I love watching you develop and learn. I feel like I’m seeing the world through new eyes. A bit cliché, but the truth. We love you baby girl.

Love always -

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