Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Those winter blahs

We have them for sure.  Illnesses from colds to stomach bugs have been running rampant through the house leaving all three of us sniffling and miserable.  Kayla woke up in the wee hours a few nights in a row.  Thanks to a day of throwing up and a second day of not eating, my milk supply tanked.  It's been a rough 2 weeks.

Somehow we've managed to keep the house running.  Couch time and the occasional nap on the weekends have become necessary.  I like rocking Kayla to sleep in my arms and then cuddling with her on the loveseat while she sleeps.  Not only do I make sure she stays out for at least an hour, but I get that time to appreciate my little one in all of her quiet, sleeping adorableness.  I don't get to do that very often because I feel like I run nonstop from 6 am on Monday until whenever we get our grocery shopping done on Saturday.  Even then there is still cooking and cleaning to do, a baby to entertain and keep away from the electronics, laundry to wash and fold... it's never done.  This weekend we were going to attempt to do our fall cleaning a little behind schedule.  I don't know if that's going to happen or not.  I know it really needs to be done, but part of me hopes that we just can't make it happen.  After all, it's already the end of January.  Why not just wait until April when we can open up before we kick up all that dust and junk? 

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