Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who doesn't love free stuff??

I love CafePress.  I mean love.  I've bought so much fun stuff there.  Ask my mom how much she loves the tote bag I bought her for Mother's Day last year. 

I also love my Nestie girl T.Bird.  She has the an adorable daughter and is a freakin' awesome cook.  Remember me making her to die for coffee cake?  Yum. 

Put these two things together and what do you have?  A fabulous giveaway.  Not that I want anyone else to enter because I want to win... but I do want to help a girl out with her quest to become Top Mommy Blogger, in hopes that someday I'll be number two right behind her.  Once I get my blog listed that is.  Stay tuned on that front. 

Anywho... check out T.Bird's Blog and vote for her to be top Mommy and Baby blogger!

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