Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lesson learned

Today we found out that Kayla is not yet ready to share her mommy and daddy with another little one.  Her friend Addison came to visit with us for a few hours today, and although it started well enough, within a few minutes she seemed wary... I can't say I blame her.  We were giving Addison a little extra attention since she was the one in a strange place with people who aren't her parents... but we were doing our best to keep them both happy. 

They played together for a while.  It was really cute. 

Then I darted upstairs to get a shower.  Suddenly Kayla started to melt down.  If Shaun reached for, talked to or even looked at Addie, she had a fit.  I managed to get her down for a nap, and Addison continued to play for a while.

Then a little while after that, Addie tuckered out too.

Once they were both awake again, it was nearly time to load up to meet Kristen so she could take Addison home.  Kayla was still not thrilled with the company but they played a bit more before we left for a busy afternoon of running errands.  It was definitely interesting to see her reaction to having another little one in the house.  Perhaps she was meant to be an only child...

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