Friday, May 28, 2010

The good, the bad and the sleepless

Last night was rough.  The universe repaid me for being smug that Kayla went to sleep without a fight at 7:30 PM by having her awake and screaming at midnight.  She wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me.  I sat in the glider and rocked her until she was pretty well out.  As soon as I made a move to stand, she whimpered.  By the time I had her laid back down in her crib it was full out screaming again.  We moved from the glider to the couch and eventually into bed together.  She seemed content as long as I was within arm’s reach, so we went with it even though it’s nearly impossible for me to fall into a deep sleep with her next to me.  Hopefully tonight is better. 


Today was good though.  My giveaway whoring finally seems to have paid off.  I won the Baby K’tan carrier giveaway over at Look at the Birds!  Yay!    I’m so excited to have another carrier to try.  I am off work the weeks of July 5th and 12th and plan to do LOTS of stuff with the little monster, especially for her birthday.  This will give me another option to keep her with me without having to push or struggle with a stroller.  It seems so nice and lightweight and easy to use.  Plenty of pics will be forthcoming! 


Now to drag myself through the rest of this workday so I can start enjoying the long weekend… ~4 hours and counting. 

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Laura said...

Tyler does that on occasion too. It does seem to come and go though so hopefully this will be a short phase...

I love my sleepywrap by the way... if you like wearing your little one you should look into those (and even Jess will use it!)