Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Milestone

Nothing like the excitement of a new milestone to revive you after a
long day. I observed a recovery test at a satellite ops center today.
Part of that test had to be done after hours, so I ended up heading
home around 6. I met up with Shaun at his parents' house and we had

Afterwards we were sitting in the living room and Kayla took a few
(maybe 3) steps away from the couch. She was less wobbly than normal,
so Shaun enticed her to try again. Before we knew it, she was making
her way back and forth with no extra enticing. Each fall made her more
determined to get up and keep moving. She is taking as many as 8 or 10
steps at a time now. I can't believe she's walking... Only 2 weeks
until she's officially a toddler.

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