Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy 11 Months!!

Dearest Kayla,

This is the last time I will sit down to write a letter to you that doesn’t include the word “year” in the subject.  Wow.  My little baby really is almost a toddler.  It’s almost unimaginable to me, yet here we are. 

You’re still growing by leaps and bounds physically and mentally.  You can stand up from a sitting position without assistance.  Your nap aversion is becoming more and more apparent.  You love walking behind anything you can push around, but still no real solo steps.  You have “mama” and “dada” down pretty well now, and you love to vocalize (as long as I can keep your nuk out of your mouth!).  You love books.  Your eyes light up when your puppy pal Violet says your name or when any of the grandparents come to visit.  You nearly jump out of my arms when you see your friends at daycare, but fuss a little bit when I go to leave. 

Sitting up in the stroller while we walk is still like a new world of fun.  Some Sundays we walk to Greco’s for ice cream with Nana.  That’s our favorite walk, but you also enjoy evening walks with Daddy and I, and even going to the mall – so much to see!  You are always so good when we go out, always smiling and talking to people.  We get lots of compliments on how well behaved you are.  Normally I credit luck for having such a laid back baby, although I know it’s in part due to a carefully crafted schedule.  A schedule that we’re abandoning bit by bit as you refuse naps and push bedtime later and later.  It still seems to be working OK. Not great, but we're getting by.  I still regularly curse my inability to nap.

No matter what though, these last 11 months have been such a joy.  I am enjoying these last days of babyhood, knowing that before I can blink your big day will be here.  Thank you for this time little one, and for being mine.  Thank you for showing me how much joy there can be in life.  I love you little angel girl. 

Love Always -


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