Sunday, November 21, 2010

Been caught slacking...

Almost a month since I last wrote... where to start...

Well, after Halloween we had a few busy weeks.  The first week of November was relatively normal but ended with Shaun and I at Lincoln Financial Field to see the Eagles take on the Colts.  What a great game it was!  It was a little bit more fun for me than Shaun, but we both enjoyed some good cheesesteaks and yummy beers while we were there.  I did my best not to brag too much that we came away with the win that night.  ;-) 

The next day Shaun left for Oklahoma City for the week.  I wasn't sure I could keep it all together here, but truthfully the week went really fast.  I have my parents and in-laws to thank for helping so much to keep me fed and sane... but really I almost enjoyed it.  Being home with Kayla that Thursday (Veteran's Day) and Friday was a nice treat. 

Trying to figure out whose toys are in the basket...

Last week was a little crazy for me since I was on the road for work on Wednesday - Friday.  I had to drive to King of Prussia and back for training on the software that I am our administrator of.  I hate training (so boring!) but I try not to undervalue time NOT spent at my desk.  I am dreading finding out what my inbox looks like right now, but that's a bridge I will cross tomorrow morning. 

This weekend we got to take my mom to lunch for her birthday, which was great.  Today I cleaned the house... not so great, but I feel like I actually accomplished something.  Every day life is really all that's happening here, and I'm 100% OK with that. 

The holiday season is just about ready to kick off and I am so excited.  I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving with our families.  Then it's just 1 week until we start our Christmas preparations.  The weekend after that is our 4th anniversary and hopefully when we'll get our Christmas shopping done.  We're pretty focused on just getting stuff for Kayla this year; the Wii was our gift to one another.  I know me and I will still get something small for Shaun to open on Christmas morning, even if it's just stocking stuffers.  But I'm getting ahead of myself... turkey first.  You must respect the Turkey. 

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