Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where do they learn to break your heart so early?

The other night Kayla and I were going through her bath time routine.  When I finished putting lotion and a fresh diaper on her, I decided to stop procrastinating and grabbed the nail clippers.  I asked her to sit down and be still so I could trim her finger and toe nails. 
“Don’t snap me and hurt me again mommy,” she said to me. 
Shocked and worried I said “who hurt you sweetheart?”
“You did.  You snapped my finger and I needed a Band Aid because there was blood and it hurt.”
My child doesn’t remember the dozens of harmless nail trimmings we’ve had, but she remembers the one where I trimmed one nail a little too close and drew the tiniest bit of blood.  Of course, she doesn’t remember the one when she was a tiny infant and I did the same… but I do.  At least now I know what she means when she refers to having her fingers “snapped.”
Last night we were hanging out while Shaun went running and as she bounced on the couch, she turned and looked at me and declared “I need a present.”  When I asked her what she was talking about, she said “it’s my birthday, I need a present!”  Obviously it’s totally useless to remind a two year old that her birthday was nearly 3 months ago and even if it was her birthday, she certainly didn’t need a present.  So I got a roll of Smarties out of the cabinet and told her that it was a special treat, even though it wasn’t her birthday.  The resulting face grab and kisses were totally worth the “I can’t believe I’m giving her more junk food” guilt. 
The ups and downs still never cease to amaze me.  She can have my blood pressure sky-high one second and have me on the floor in a fit of giggles the next.  This morning I was rushing to get her eating breakfast so I could run back upstairs to dry my hair and as I spun into the pantry to grab her a plate, I hear her say “hey, are you ok in there?”

This kid cracks me up.  She knows just how to push my buttons already.  I’m in for a long ride.

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