Friday, January 6, 2012

3 Day Potty Training (in 2 1/2 days) part 1

Earlier this week, I decided it was probably a good time to start with underwear training for Kayla.  I've read a bit about the 3 day method, where you switch to underwear and hopefully don't look back after 3 days.  Accidents are expected, and it's about getting the little one to pay attention to their bodies and know when they have to go. 

All week I've been telling Kayla that this afternoon we would put her in her big girl underwear and it was her job to keep it dry.  We went to target and picked out some new underwear and a second potty to have downstairs.  She seemed pretty excited about it all. 

So today when I got home from the store, she sat on the potty and then changed into big girl underwear!  We sat down to watch a movie, and after a while, I suggested we go sit on the potty - which she did, and she went!  Success!

A little later I was on the phone trying to get an appointment to have Shaun's car serviced, she came over and I didn't realize she was trying to tell me she had to go... so we had our first accident about 2 hours in. That's what I get for allowing myself to get distracted. 

1:30: Failed nap attempt.  Get Kayla up and put her on her potty then in her big girl underwear.  
2:15: Use potty, celebrate with praise and a peanut butter cup. 
3:30: First accident.  Quick change, gentle reminders to stay dry and lots more hugs. 
4:15: Second accident.  Quick change, another reminder.  Note to self - keep checking every 30-45 minutes, no more!
7:00: Four more successful potty trips and zero more accidents.  Having snack and feeling good!
7:15: As she's playing at her kitchen, I hear "uh oh mommy!  Poop in my panties!"  Off we go to the potty, where we manage to get 75% of the offending load.  Then it's off to the tub and I feel like a real jakcass for feeling so smug just a few minutes before. 
8:15:  With Kayla bathed, the toys picked up, snack finished and one more pee in the potty, she is tucked into bed with a pull-up on. 

Not a bad time all in all - I actually anticipated much, much worse.  I'm going to try to track tomorrow's progress - hopefully a little more closely since Shaun should be home with me most of the day, unlike today. 

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