Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random thoughts...

-I’m concerned that we have gone WAAAAAYYYY backwards in the potty training arena.  Trying to be patient, but still concerned. 

-I am irrationally excited for Nikon School in March. 

-Am I the only person in the universe that hates minky dot fabric?

-My D5100 arrived yesterday.  My D40 leaves tonight.  Happy/sad. 

-Kayla has had more diaper rash lately than in her entire life.  Another reason I’m dying to ditch the diapers. 

-Shaun’s birthday is coming up.  Present purchased; do I need to plan something else?

-Valentine’s day is only a week after that.  Should I be thinking about dinner out? 

-I need to take that jar of coins over to be counted. 

-There is a run in my last pair of “good” pantyhose.  So much for wanting to dress like a girl again. 

-Dying for warm weather already… with an awful lot of winter to go. 

-Need to add some stuff to the recipe blog. It is sad and lonely. 

-Need to do a 30 day challenge for this blog so I update more often. 

-Need to find another 30 day challenge for the photo blog – love how that made me pick up my camera daily. 

-I can’t wait to re-enroll in classes.  I need to get on that train and finish up. 


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Anonymous said...

Remember how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time...and with a fork and sharp knife! ;)