Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Third Birthday!

Dearest little Kayla -

Here we are again, one day out from another fabulous birthday.  Once again I get to sit back and think about how far we've come in a year and smile.  You are so sweet and loving.  You are imaginative, smart and funny.  Most of all you are now 100% potty trained.  :-)  I am so proud of you; I can't even begin to tell you about my favorite moments.  There are far too many of them. 

You love to tell jokes, sing to yourself, and imitate things you've heard us say.  You are a champion bedtime staller; just one more story or one more song... again and again.  You love to color, draw, do puzzles and read books.  You navigate the iPod completely on your own but insist on saying "about" when you mean "without."  You love your puppy dog and playing outside. 

We had a whirlwind birthday week off... shopping for your party, having lunch with Grandma, your first fireworks and a trip to the aquarium.  So many fun things to do!  We also had to deal with the business of your doctor appointment.  You're now 37" and 30 pounds - still growing right on track!  We were also happy to hear that your heart murmur has resolved itself. 

Your party was a smashing success - our family and some of your friends all came together to celebrate.  Triple digit temperatures weren't enough to stop us from having a great time. 

Thank you for everything, sweet angel.  These have been the best and fastest 3 years ever.  I look forward to what this year brings. 

Love alaways -


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