Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm alive... promise

I can’t believe I actually allowed things to lapse for almost 3 months here.  In my defense, we did have a really busy summer… or at least I did.  I tidied up 12 credits during July and August, and only to an 11 day breather before the Fall semester (another 9 credits) started.  I did get my Dean’s List certificate for the 2012 academic year – my first one ever if you can believe it.  The countdown is on.  I register for my final semester in 28 days; I am just 7 months (give or take) from finally being done. 
We spent a few days at the beach with my in-laws in September; the weather was beautiful and we got to relax a little for those few days.  Kayla was in absolute heaven – playing in the sand, jumping in the waves, flying her kite and walking on the boardwalk.  She’s a little beach bum, just like us.  I loved our annual beach vacation when I was little, and I’m glad that she loves it now too. 
I started a new job about 3 weeks ago.  The jury is still out on how the future is going to shape up, but for right now I’m not super happy about it.  Hopefully I’ll have a better report once I’m fully into the routine of this department, but for now I’m actually missing crawling through basements and labeling boxes.  Who knew?
Kayla is doing exceptionally well, as usual.  She’s really enjoying being a Pooh Bear at school – back in the same classroom as her pals Paige and Lydia.  Huzzah!  She seems to love it there; her being able to tell me so makes it that much easier for me.  I wish I could spend more time with her, but that will come with the Holidays and the expenditure of the rest of my PTO. 
So for now, we are all alive and well, just tangled up in the day to day.  My brain needs exercise beyond reading about the history of Medical Insurance though, so I hope to be back soon. 

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