Thursday, August 8, 2013

Before Tour Part One

So here it is... the house that has become home, despite all of my initial misgivings. 

You'll notice that the front shot in yesterday's post is taken from sort of an odd angle.  Well, that's because from across the street, this is what you see:

Between the crepe myrtle and the cherry tree, the front is a bit hard to
distinguish, which is a shame.  The crepe myrtle will likely stay, but we home to take the cherry tree down sometime next year.  Hiding behind all of that is a rather inviting front porch.

And that, my friends, is where the charm ends.  Well, almost.  Right inside the front door, you will find the formal living room. 

Less than desirable laminate floors aside, this room is a blank slate and the room that probably needs the least work.  We hope to turn this into a formal dining room.  On the other side of the entryway is...
The ugliest wallpaper you've ever seen.  Seriously, these people had an unhealthy obsession with borders.  The wallpaper below doesn't help the cause any.  This room is smaller than our formal living room, so we'll likely keep the small table in there and use it as our everyday eating spot. 

Through the doorway is the kitchen.  Not so bad, right?

Yes, those are blue laminate countertops that are supposed to resemble marble.  With white cabinets.  And black appliances.  Oh, and the knobs on the cabinets?? Those are brass.  Hot.  I didn't even take any close-ups of the poorly done textured ceiling they put up to hide the remnants of a leak upstairs. 

The far end of the kitchen has a little space for a breakfast nook, which we will likely take over with an extension of the cabinets and countertop when we get around to redoing this room.  That space leads into the family room.
Why yes, those are yellow-cream and shit-brown walls.  Thanks for noticing. 

At least the fireplace is nice.  Notice there are no close ups of those walls.  I'd fill a memory card with pictures of the holes left behind. 

The final stop on our main room tour is the powder room.  Aside from the formal living room, this is probably the least objectionable room on the main floor of the house.   

Except for the wallpaper border. *shudder*

Posts to come... the before tour part two, and a lesson on how to destroy drywall by moving out of a house. 


Dipitie S said...

Aside from some cosmetic stuff, it's really nice! I would kill for a house like that.

Kelley said...

Thanks, Dip. We really are happy about having found a place that we can make our own. Neither DH nor I are very patient though, so sometimes the sheer volume is overwhelming because we want it all done yesterday.