Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just when we were about to give up...

For the benefit of those who are not aware of what has happened to this point, here are the highlights... I stopped my birth control in May of 2006 in hopes of my cycle regulating itself by the time that Shaun and I were ready to try to conceive. I wasn't very lucky in this aspect; getting pregnant proved to be more difficult than either of us had ever imagined. After over a year of trying, I switched doctors in hopes of getting some answers. I was told to come back in October.

Because of how things fell with other large purchases we made, as well as where we were sitting with our health insurance, we decided to hold off on any further testing until the beginning of 2009. It was a hard decision, but just seemed to make much more sense. As it would turn out, we wouldn't have to wait that long.

This morning, that elusive "positive" result finally came!

That's right, I'm pregnant!

I was in complete shock when the second line came right up on the first test this morning. Still in shock when the digital taken a few hours later read "pregnant."

After nearly 2 years of trying, we finally got pregnant on cycle 15. I can hardly believe it.

Shaun and I are both thrilled about the news, and look forward to all the milestones to come for us and our little one. For now though, I remain cautious until I know that everything is OK and our baby is going to stick.

Since I didn't track this cycle for when I ovulated and because of my irregular cycles, I am not quite sure how far along I am. I wish this hadn't hapened on a Sunday so I could call the doctor right away! I estimate that I am somewhere between 4 and 5 weeks though.

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