Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Braver...

Now that our immediate families and a few close friends know about our impending arrival, I've found myself feeling a bit less anxious about everything. The more apparent symptoms starting to kick in are also making things feel a bit more real.

So yesterday I took the next big step and made the first baby related purchases. To start off with, a shirt to wear to Thanksgiving dinner (my cutesy way of announcing it to the rest of the fam without saying a word):

Then while at the mall with Mandy, I got suckered in to an oh-so-cute onsie at Baby Gap (despite constantly saying that I will NEVER shop for my children at Baby Gap. It was to be all WalMart and garage sales until they were old enough to know better!):

Finally, at Motherhood, I purchased a container of "Preggie Pops" hard candies. These are supposed to help with morning sickness (although they induce morning sickness in me as I absolutely HATE the terms preggo and preggie) and I am hoping they'll help me continue to fight the few lingering smoking cravings as well.

It was such a huge step forward for me to walk into these stores with joy and anticipation rather than simply walking by and avoiding looking up to try to ease the pain that I felt every time I saw anything baby related. What an amazing feeling to have joy instead of sorrow on a regular basis.

We are so blessed!


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