Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 5 Months!!

Dear Kayla,

Here we are celebrating another month of watching you grow.  I got a little teary eyed this morning looking at you and thinking about how much you've changed.  I hope I can find a way to put it into words. 

This month, we hit a real milestone - starting you on cereal.  That continues to go well every evening, and I can't wait until we can start adding more yummy things into the mix for you.  For the time being, Oatmeal is next.  After that, we will probably introduce a puree to see how you do.  I love feeding you though.  Every time you open your mouth and "ask" for another bite I want to laugh out loud.  It's so cute. 

We also survived your first real illness.  It was so hard to watch you be sick, but I'm glad we got through it since that was the first of many winter bugs to come. 

Now we're in the midst of your first Holiday season.  Thanksgiving was a hit, although a bit of a long day for you.  On Saturday, daddy and I took you up to Elizabeth Farm to cut down your first Christmas tree.  We rode the horse drawn wagon out to the field and walked around in search of the perfect tree.  Most of the time you slept soundly snuggled against my chest in the Bjorn.  you did wake up to look around a bit, seemingly confused as to why 1) it was so cold and 2) there was nothing but trees as far as the eye could see.  You were quiet and calm the entire trip though, and slept a bit more on the way home.  Once we got everything set up in the house, the tree was a new point of interest for you.  Grabbing the branches is so much fun.  The lights make for great staring too!  When you first saw the tree all decorated, you wanted to take it all in, but your eyes kept being drawn up by the bright star on top.  It's really difficult not to get excited about everything while watching you take it all in for the very first time.  I can hardly wait to watch you open your presents Christmas morning. 

You've had a few physical developments too.  You discovered (with a little assistance from daddy) that you are able to grab your feet and roll from side to side while you're on your back.  Now you're twice as squirmy during diaper changes as you used to be.  I think it won't be long before you're able to sit up on your own.  You do great with support - either in the Bumbo or sitting with me on the floor or in my lap.  I've let you go and you teeter there for a moment before slumping over to one side.  We'll keep working on that.  In the last few days, I've noticed you trying much harder to crawl than you have been in the past.  You get your knees up under you and move your legs, but keep your face to the floor.  Then you drop you legs and push your upper body up to look around as if to see if you've gone anywhere.  Although you keep getting closer all the time, I wonder if you might walk before you crawl.  Your legs are really strong, and you are able to balance on them pretty well while holding on to my hands.  I'm excited yet scared for this next phase of your development.

In any case, you are happy and healthy which is all we could ever ask for.  You're growing and learning every day and I love seeing your sweet smile each morning and listening to you breathe softly when I put your into your crib at night.  I always want to remember what it feels like to nuzzle your fuzzy head and breathe in the scent that is my baby girl.  You're my everything sweet angel.  Happy birthday. 

Love Always -


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