Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 6 months!!

Dear Kayla –

I know I say this all the time, but I can’t believe how time is flying. I swear just yesterday I was still poking my huge belly and trying to bribe you to come out with the promise of cookies. Now look at you; six months old and getting cuter every day.

You’re growing so fast I can hardly keep up; earlier this week I discovered that a lot of your 3 – 6 month clothes are getting a bit snug, when I swear they were loose before the holidays! Either you’ve been sneaking Christmas Cookies behind my back (in which case I blame your Pepere), or this is what happens when we pretty much let you live in your jammies for two weeks. Time to start thinking about 6 – 9 month stuff I guess (beyond the two outfits we already have, that is).

This past month brought your first Christmas. It was so much fun to see you pull your toys out of your stocking, and watching you open presents brought us a lot of joy. Santa was very good to you this year; the first of many times for sure. Sophie the Giraffe was a big hit, and you love your Leapfrog Music table. You are still a bit uncertain about your busy ball popper, but the Fisher Price Jungle Playground has been lots of fun. One night last week I laid you on your blanket in the living room so I could go make dinner. When I noticed you were suddenly out of my view, I rushed over to find that you had rolled over to that to play.

Besides rolling, you’ve now started to creep a little bit but only in reverse. You’re also starting to sit up on your own. You can support yourself for 15 or 20 seconds before reaching for something or getting tired and flopping over to one side. You looking up at me and smiling while on your belly is still one of my favorite things in the world though. Right up there with watching you nestle down into the boppy after your breakfast to lay there and talk to your feet.

We are still working through different purees with you. You like carrots, peas, bananas and pears. You’re still not crazy about green beans, apples or peaches, but we will keep trying. Squash and sweet potatoes are next on the menu. Yum! As long as those go OK, we’ll introduce a protein – probably chicken – soon. You are an enthusiastic eater. When Nanna fed you on Christmas day, I thought you were going to try to dive into your bowl!

You’re also a wonderful sleeper. It’s rare that I have to fight with you at night. Our routine of upstairs, bath or face wash, PJ’s, nursing and/or rocking seems to work perfectly. Even if I put you in your crib while you’re still awake, you are able to soothe yourself to sleep with minimal fuss. You go to bed anywhere between 8 and 9 PM and sleep until anywhere from 5:30 -6 most mornings. Sometimes on the weekends you will even entertain yourself in your crib until 7.

I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have such a sweet natured, happy, healthy and loving baby for a daughter. You continue to bring more joy than I ever thought possible to my life, and I am crazier about you than I will ever be able to tell you. Happy half –birthday little angel. Your daddy and I love you very much.

Love Always –


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