Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 9 Months!!

Dear Kayla –

Nine months. Three quarters of a year. Almost a full month longer than the time from when I found out you were my baby until you were born. Unbelievable.

I think you have changed more in the last month than in any single month before. From rolling everywhere you wanted to go to crawling, pulling up and cruising. From slurping down liquefied carrots and peas to stuffing your mouth full of chicken nuggets, green beans, banana slices and (your favorite) Gerber fruit and vegetable puffs. From milk only to little sips of water from a straw. So many exciting changes and new things.

It only took you a few days past your 8 month birthday to start crawling, and from there it was mere days before you were pulling up. On the recliner. On the coffee table (eek!). On the dishwasher door. On the bottom stair. In your crib. Anywhere you can put your hands on something solid you manage to get to your feet. You cruise pretty confidently around the furniture now, and even push your music table a bit. It won’t be long before you will be completely uncontainable!

I don’t remember exactly when these things started, but you also understand a few words. You’ve been reacting to your name for a while. You know when we say “clappy” or “yay Kayla!” that means to clap your hands. Whether it be in your jumper or on the floor, when we say “bouncy” you bounce up and down. I think you understand what “no” means and you already know how to ignore me when I say it. You’ll often look back, grin and then go right back to whatever I was trying to discourage you from doing. Little bugger. You still babble a lot – you love using your voice! You use mama and dada a lot, but I’m not certain you understand what you’re saying. It really doesn’t matter though, I love to hear you talk. My current favorite is when you get excited about something and exclaim “ooh!” as loud as you can.

With the onset of the nice spring weather, we have been able to take you out for walks in your stroller. We tried sitting you in it rather than using your car seat for the first time. What fun! You immediately sat back, propped your feet up on the front of the stroller, and enjoyed the ride. We’re going to attempt the park either tonight or Friday afternoon for your 9 month photos. I can’t wait to try putting you in a swing!

You are such a sweet, lovely little girl. Your smile lights me up in a way I never imagined. You are a true joy and I swear that I love you more every day. Happy nine months little angel. I hope you know how special you are to Daddy and I.

Love Always –


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