Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catching Up

The weeks are busy and our weekends are getting even busier; kind of amazing for the amount of time I feel like we spend at home but somehow the days keep rolling and I keep feeling like I'm struggling to keep up.  Work has been out of control busy with trying to get our new software rolled out by the end of the week while pretty much flying solo.  Shaun's schedule is changing which means Kayla's daycare schedule is going to be changing.  That has me a little bit stressed out.  Add the fact that for the last week or so, Kayla has found 4:45 - 5:30 to be a more acceptable wake up window than 6 - 6:30 and I feel like I'm running on E. 

Wednesday of last week, Kayla had her hair trimmed for the first time.  Her bangs were just too long, so we asked Grandma to trim them up for us.  Much better!

We've had some great times though while the time flies by.  Last weekend we finally made the trek up to the Lititz Farmer's Market.  My dad and step mom came up to walk with us and we enjoyed a sunny Saturday together.  We shopped and went to the park and did a TON of walking.  It was great to watch Kayla climb and explore, and a perfect photo op. 

Later that day my mom came up to visit.  Kayla apparently had enough exercise because she all but darted out the door when Nana said "walk."

Sunday we had a relaxing day at home cheering for our favorite football teams and hanging out with friends. 

This weekend was another busy one.  Aunt Paula came home to visit and she and Nana came with us to visit the local Alpaca farm. 

Kayla didn't seem as interested in the animals as she was when we went to see them back in the spring.  She was far too busy running all over the yard and climbing everything in sight.  We left before we all got too much sun and came home for lunch.  Daddy was just getting home from work at the time Kayla woke from her nap, but by then she was in utter meltdown mode from being tired still.  She screamed for close to 90 minutes on and off, mostly on.  She was a total peach once we got her calmed down, but for a little bit it was damn near unbearable, and it derailed our plans to visit the Ephrata fair that evening. 

Today was much better.  She was up early again, but took a longer than usual afternoon nap, and we had zero fit pitching. 

I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight so tomorrow I am ready to dive headlong into one more week of hell before things slow down a little bit at work.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope. 

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