Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clinging to summer

Fall is in the air, no doubt about it.  As we run full-speed towards Labor Day I wanted to take some time to enjoy what's left of summer.  Shaun went over to watch college ball with the boys, so Kayla and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  It wasn't a long one since it was so hot, and about half way through Kayla was attacked by a leaky sippy cup that ended with her being drenched in cold water.  We enjoyed the stroll though, and heaven knows I needed the exercise. 

It really was lovely, even though it's in the mid-90's and humid.  I'm really starting to look forward to our real "last blast" next week.  I just have to survive 1 more day of work and then it's a week off for the little family.  We're home for the weekend and then Tuesday morning we take off for Ocean City, MD for a few days.  We'll spend time on the sand and in the water and strolling the boards.  I'm really excited to have a few days away from the craziness that has been our daily lives lately. 

Kayla is doing well in the Fuzzy Bear room at daycare.  She sits down at the table and munches her waffle happily every morning when we arrive.  She waves goobye and I am left wondering where this sudden independent streak came from.  We haven't gotten any bad reports so far, so I'm assuming all is well during the day.  I hope that's truly the case, because we may have to up her to going 5 days a week in the near future. 

It's hard to believe she's nearly 14 months old already.  This time last year I was just getting ready to go back to work; now she's walking and talking and I still tear up a little bit when it comes time to go in the morning.  The more things change...

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KaitlinCole said...

So sweet! I love that kayla waves goodbye to you when you leave. She IS independent. I never want to ask the girls who watch Tenn in the nursery Sundays at church if my boy is good when he is there...I would almost rather not know! Hold onto summer baby because Fall is walking around the corner!