Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Vocabulary Grows

In addition to the previously mentioned words, Kayla is now saying no, bubble, ball and more.  She only says "more" when we read her "What does baby say?" book.  I nearly fell on the floor when she did it for the first time yesterday.  Shaun was reading the book to her and when he said "what does baby say?" she said "more!" 

She's starting to use Mama more, but not Dada so much.  This morning she said it when Shaun came downstairs, so I think she's getting it.  Her most frequently used phrase is "na na" which in combination with some gesture seems to translate to "I want that."  She walks over to the fridge and smacks her lips when she wants a drink.  She's also learned to throw her hands up when one of us says "touchdown!"  It's so cute.

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KaitlinCole said...

You DO have the most adorable and most smart baby ever! My boy says "no, no" and shakes his finer at me when I ask him for kisses (I shake my finger and say no no when he is about to do something he isn't supposed to be). I am glad he gets it but I am NOT glad he refusing his mama kisses!