Monday, January 3, 2011

A week later, the Christmas Recap

Now that the last waves of illness seem to be receding from the house, I wanted to FINALLY try to get caught up here.  Kayla's second Christmas was definitely a memorable one; I couldn't wait to share. 

Christmas Eve started with breakfast at Pepere and Grammy Sue's house with our dear friends the Fraileys.  Deb, Peter and Noah are like family to us, and their angel Eli is never far from any of our hearts or minds.  They also brought their furbaby Maggie along - Kayla couldn't get enough of her!  After breakfast and gifts with them and Aunt Paula, we came home for an unsuccessful nap attempt. 

Deb and Kayla

The Bedger family stopped by for an afternoon visit on their way to see their families.  Thanks for the yummy cookies guys, they were great!  After that it was time to get dressed and head out for our traditional Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family.  Kayla was utterly adorable in her new dress...

But the adorable factor only lasted so long thanks to that entirely too short nap.  Thankfully we got to enjoy the time with family a bit (that particular gathering holds a lot of special memories for me and is super meaningful, so it meant a lot to be there even just for a couple of hours) and Kayla slipped into a snooze on the ride home.  We didn't get to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" this year, but that's OK. 

While Kayla was snoozing, Santa came and left her some goodies in her stocking and under the tree.

Which she happily tore into on Christmas Morning. 

After Santa presents, it was over to Grandma and PawPaw's house for breakfast and more presents.

And some puppy kisses

We came home and had nap time, then went back to Grandma and PawPaw's to see Dena, Jaime and three of their boys.  There were (of course) more gifts, and lots of playing and laughs and hugs. 

Christmas then continued on Sunday with Nana...

It was a busy, but wonderful 3 days.  We spent the next week hanging out at home, passing our cold germs around and resting.  I didn't accomplish as much as I'd wanted to, but it was great to have us all home together for a few non-hectic days.  We celebrated a quiet NYE at home with champagne and chocolate souffles and more cold germs.  Thankfully we're all feeling pretty much better now and we are looking forward to all that 2011 has to offer! 

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