Monday, February 9, 2009

Is cold season over yet?

So here I sit, in the midst of my second cold in as many months. How I manage to come down with this crap whenever a special occasion is approaching is beyond me... but somehow I do. At least it wasn't the flu. I didn't want to hear "I told you so" from the masses who told me I needed to get a flu shot this year, which I resisted.

Besides wanting to just lay on the couch and wish for death, we had a pretty good weekend. Shaun's birthday gift (a Logitech universal remote) arrived and is now set up and working great. I love that I can sit down in the living room and push one button and the system will set itself up for me to watch a DVD. No more fussing around with 3 different remotes and figuring out which input I need to change where first. Saturday we went to Babies R Us with Shaun's parents to get our crib, and ended up having to order it. Why in the world they wouldn't stock even one of these things is beyond me, but OK. Whatever. We'll be going back to pick that up when it arrives in 7 - 14 days. The mattress is already sitting in the room and waiting. I'm so beyond excited to get some more "stuff" in that room. Right now it looks so nice, but so bare. Like we just decided to paint an empty room for something to do.

Saturday night's dinner at the Accomac was also fantastic. I wish I could have tasted a bit more of it, but what I could taste was excellent. Shaun seemed to enjoy his as well. Our desserts were especially good - I had cherries and almonds jubilee, flambeed tableside and served with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate mousse. It was amazing. Shaun had Bananas Foster, also flambeed tableside. If nothing else, it was a neat experience. I don't think we'll rush back there any time soon, but it was fun.

Besides the cold, the sweet potato and I are doing well. The baby is definitely growing and starting to push all my insides around. I could really feel the decreased stomach capacity on Saturday. I have never gotten full on fine dining, but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to manage dessert Saturday night. I'm also back to running to the bathroom all the time; as I've been telling everyone, it's as though the baby has found my bladder and thinks it's a really awesome waterbed. I'm sure it seems like a good idea from in there.

I see a midwife this Wednesday, so I will check in again after that appointment... then the count down is only 2 weeks until we get to see the baby again! I can't wait.


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