Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a beautiful, healthy... GIRL! We are so thrilled to know that we are going to be bringing a sweet daughter into the world in just a few months. She is doing well; her organs are all where they should be, her heart is beating away at 145 BPM and her estimated weight right now is 14 ounces, which puts her right on target growth-wise. We are going to name her Kayla Anne.

The sonographer started out by getting shots of her head and face, measuring the placenta and the fluid around the baby and measuring her head. She even looked at her brain. Then she went to look at her heart, and Kayla "started to wake up." We got to see/hear the heartbeat, which is always a wonderful sound, no matter how often I hear it. By this time she was up and moving around, and starting to irritate our sonographer a little bit as she tried to get pictures of her major organs. Then finally she went for what we were really there to see. Even she was surprised to see a girl in there! According to her, she rarely sees girls as active as our little one is. Finally she just needed to examine her spine, which was a major feat. I had to roll on my side, cough, roll back onto my back and cough again just to try to convince her to wriggle into the right spot. Then Kayla wouldn't lay still long enough for her to get the pictures she needed! It was a little bit funny.

Bottom line though, is that everything looks good and our little girl appears to be healthy. I was once again amazed at how much she moves around. I feel her pretty often now, but watching her kick on the monitor and NOT feeling it made me realize that I'm in for quite a ride when she starts running out of room in there.

I didn't imagine that I could love this baby any more than I did when I found out I was pregnant, but I already do. I can't wait for her to be born so I can tell her how very much she is loved and how happy I am that she's my daughter. (The meaning of Kayla is "pure and beloved." I can't imagine a more appropriate name for her.)

PS - we pick up our new car tomorrow!

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Aunt Paula said...

I am so excited! Great name!