Monday, February 16, 2009

Mango Baby has a place to sleep

So here we are, 19 weeks plus down, just under 21 to go. It's hard to believe that pretty soon more time will have elapsed in my pregnancy than we'll have to go until the baby arrives. It's also really thrilling; I still have nearly 5 months to go and I'm jumping out of my skin to meet the little one. I am so impatient!

This long weekend was pretty good for the new family. We had a nice Valentine's day dinner at Iron Hill, even though Shaun was still dealing with the cold that I passed on to him. We spent a lot of time relaxing and just hanging out watching movies, but Monday we made a trip to Babies R Us to find that our crib had arrived for us to take home.

So, now thanks to my in-laws and my parents, we have a crib and a glider in the nursery. The dresser/changing table should arrive in a week or so, and we'll have a completely furnished room. It's amazing to see it coming together, and I'm so thankful for the help and support of our families. More than anything, I'm really glad that we're able to get this done now while I still have some energy to help get everything put together. (It's also nice to have something to occupy my mind while waiting for the big day next Wednesday.)

Here's the little mango's room with the furniture so far...


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Tyler's Story... said...

Looking good!! You can always call me if you need something to do :)