Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I swear, there is never a dull moment around here. That's how I like things to be though. I get bored easily.

We did a little shopping on Friday night; I got thank you notes for the baby shower. I found really cute ones online that closely matched the invites my sister picked, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $1.20 per card. So I went to Party City and found something that was cute, and much more affordable.

I also landed myself in a state of complete disbelief that not a single Old Navy within an hour's drive of here seems to have the wedge flip flops I want in the proper sizes and colors. I fear I am not far from swollen foot territory, and I am going to need as little shoe with as much support as possible in the later weeks of this. I love my Old Navy flip flops, but a day in those absolutely kills my feet because they offer no support whatsoever (we'll get to that though). I guess ordering from the website is my only choice.

Adam and Kristen were kind enough to put up with us just about all weekend long; they hosted everyone at their place on Friday night at the first deck sitting of the season. Then Saturday morning we headed back over there so Shaun could take off with the guys for a boys' day down in Newark, DE. Kristen (and Trevor) and I got set for a day of shopping. I got a few more little outfits for Kayla (I really need to learn to curb that habit), a fantastic (and cheap!!!) spare diaper bag at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet and some clothes for myself as well... including my shower dress! I'm so glad to have that decided. Kristen got some clothes for their upcoming vacation, and Trevor got to go along for the ride. Hahaha! I will tell ya, how a 4 year old boy puts up with a couple of moms to be shopping their faces off for nearly 6 hours is beyond me, but the kid did pretty well. Kristen and I discovered that nothing cures aching shopping feet (in my case, caused by walking several miles in Old Navy flip flops) like a half price Sonic slush! Now that's our kind of happy hour...

After I got through with that, I had to gather all my energy back up to get some laundry done and then meet Jean for dinner at Scooter's. What fun! I now know that Scooter's is the only place around who makes a choco-tini to her liking... so that's on my list of things to try once I'm able to drink again. Maybe I should have had one anyway... it might have helped me sleep.

I'm normally a very sound sleeper, but you put me in our room by myself (usually only happens once or twice a year) and all of a sudden any noise within a city block of me becomes audible and sinister. I can recall waking up several times, but none of them were enough to make me actually get up out of bed, besides my 3 am bathroom trip. Yet somehow I was up and in the shower at 7:45 and working on getting the house in order by 8 or so on Sunday morning. I got the upstairs mostly cleaned, but after Shaun got home I resigned myself to a day of resting since I really hadn't done so all weekend and I was starting to feel it. I can do a little of the downstairs each night this week and finish just in time to start all over next weekend. :-)

Adam and Kristen stopped by to visit us on Sunday afternoon as well (yup, we are now so sick of each other that we're no longer friends... KIDDING!) to drop off our shower gift. Thanks again for the awesome gift basket, guys! I'm so looking forward to organizing and putting away everything you guys got us, but for now the basket is displayed intact on the changing table. I need to get the hallway bathroom ready for baby stuff sometime SOON! Of course, this means cleaning my stuff out of there and making room for it in the master bath. Yikes.

It's been a good week for all things baby. Kayla is moving a lot these days, and some of her movements are quite strong. She startles me from time to time with a good whack. Her new favorite trick seems to be laying sideways and trying to stretch out. The pressure is almost unbearable sometimes. She also had her first bout with the hiccups that I could feel last week; that was funny. It only lasted a few minutes, but it cracked me up. Over all, I'm still feeling pretty darn good though; I can't complain about too much still. I'm waiting for the third tri symptoms to really catch up to me, because I know they're coming.

Our next midwife appointment is next week, so hopefully all continues to go well between now and then! I can't believe that there's less than 3 months to go. This is awesome.


Only 11W5D to go!


Anonymous said...

Two words, CROC SANDALS, I lived in mine the third trimester, they have terrific support and feel like you're walking around in slippers!,121

Tyler's Story... said...

I totally AGREE!!! loved my crocs! I had fuzzy ones (since it was winter) and some mary jane-ish ones for work. I would have died without em.