Monday, April 13, 2009

Entering the home stretch

What a great weekend; time with friends, time with family and entering the third trimester of pregnancy. The end is in sight, although it still feels pretty far away. I can't complain though. I feel good, everyone tells me I look good (which I'll take even if they're lying through their teeth) and Kayla is as active (thus in my mind as healthy) as ever. (Not that Aunt Paula would know, she still hasn't felt the little stinker move...)

Anyway, we had a really nice Easter Sunday spending time with family. Thanks so much to Mom and Dad Gockley for the awesome Easter gift for Kayla! I don't know how you found an egg big enough to put the bedding in, but we appreciate it so much! The outfit is too cute also! I washed everything last night and made up the crib (I just couldn't resist). I'm not statisfied I got the crib skirt on right, but I figure I'll have to pull everything back out once we have a mattress pad to put on under the sheet anyway, so I'll fuss with it more then.

I was really glad to see my step mom's family for the first time since Thanksgiving too; I can't wait to see Dad's pictures from the day, so I can check out what I missed before I arrived. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time, but hopefully we will see each other again soon!

I don't have a whole lot else to report from the home front... we are just waiting now for things to happen. I'm so thrilled that we're finally getting there though!

The crib all put together.

The sheet, fuzzy blanket and fuzzy bumpers.

The blanket again and a view of the detail on the comforter.

27W2D. Only 12W5D to go.

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Anonymous said...

The crib looks AWESOME!!! Just a little FYI CAREFUL having the crib so close to a blind cord, your little one could grab a hold of it and chock or strangle themself with is.