Monday, April 6, 2009

Latest appointment

Well, it was a boring and drawn out one this time. It actually all started this morning with me being pretty sure I had a 5:00 today, but i wasn't able to recall getting my usual reminder call. So, I called the office and spent nearly 10 minutes on hold to confirm I was indeed expected tonight. As it would turn out, they had just installed a new computer system and the automated reminder system wasn't yet operational.

I had to give them a lot of my information over again so they had the most up to date data on their new system. Then I sat and waited for what seemed like forever to be taken back to drink my icky glucose stuff. I was quite relieved to find that the fruit punch flavor I was given wasn't nearly as bad as the orange flavor is rumored to be.

My visit with the midwife went well. I've gained 6 pounds since my last visit, which was a decent improvement over the 9 pounds I'd piled on between each of my previous appointments. My blood pressure is still good, and my fundal height measurement was right on. The midwife had some trouble determining Kayla's position (she thinks she is laying sideways right now though) but found her heart beat right away. She seems to be doing really well still. I am to start kick counts in a couple of weeks.

Once that was over, I scheduled out the rest of my appointments and got to say hello to an old coworker who is about 8 weeks ahead of me; she's due at the end of May. Then I went back to see the blood sucking leech who needed 4 vials of my blood for tests. Ouch.

Anyway, my next appointment is in three weeks. Until then, we are looking forward to spending Easter with our families and Shaun's "boys weekend" away. Until next time!


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