Thursday, May 28, 2009

Appointment Update

Here's the run-down: my BP is sitting steady in the 120/80 range (a little high for me, but normal overall) and I gained another 4 pounds. The midwife didn't seem concerned, so neither am I. (Personally, I still think the initial midwife who told me I was putting on too much was FOS. But what do I know, other than I hate constantly feeling like I'm starving?) Kayla is still head down, lying a little diagonally right now. Her heartbeat was in the 130's, which is great. Jana didn't give me my fundal height measurement, but I'm assuming it's right around 33 - 34 cm, otherwise she'd probably have said something.

I am feeling a "normal" number of braxton hicks contractions, although sometimes it's hard for me to distinguish when I'm actually feeling my uterus tighten or if things just feel tight because Kayla has wormed herself into a position that's uncomfortable for me. I'm leaning towards the latter since in the last day or two she seems to have found a new affinity for pushing her little feet against my ribs on my right side. I can not wait until this child drops in a few more weeks. I barely remember what it's like to take a flight of stairs without getting all out of breath!

So it seems that things are progressing normally; my next appointment on 6/8 will include the swab test for Group B Strep... yippee! SO not looking forward to that one. But from then on out my appointments will be weekly as the big day gets closer and closer.

Holy crap. Only 44 days till my due date. Wow.

33W 5D

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Tyler's Story... said...

well you've beat me by a week so I'm sure she'll be awesome! Sorry we missed you on our trip out.