Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Second Birthday!!

Dearest Little Kayla -

So here we are again, little angel; your big day is here.  There's so much to celebrate - so much growth and change and just so much to love.  Even though you thoroughly exhaust me by the end of a day, I wouldn't trade these days at home with you for anything. 

I reread my first birthday letter to you last night, and it just staggers me how much you've changed in a year.  I didn't think the transition would be so dramatic as it was from helpless infant to toddling 1-year old.  But it has been.  From toddling 1-year old, to walking, running, jumping 2-year old.  From just beginning to grasp two-way communication to knowing more words than I can count, forming sentences, asking questions and making observations. 

Right now your favorite things are KaiLan, puzzles, your doll house and playing outside.  Your least favorite things are baths (having your hair rinsed out) and sitting still.  You know all of your family members by name, and although you're still shy with Aunt Dena and Uncle Jaime, I know you like them a lot. 

We had your party this past Saturday, and it was a great time.  You were so excited about this party that was being thrown for you!  I can't wait to let you help plan next years, now that I know how much you enjoy talking about parties.  We were very excited to share your big day with the whole family. 

You will be "moving up" to the pooh bear room at daycare on Monday.  Today we ran some errands and when we stopped in to drop off your schedule for next week, I popped my head in to your new class room.  I was kind of overcome with it all of a sudden... you're growing so fast.  You're so big and smart and sweet but stubborn like your mamma.   You are so much like us, but still a littler person all your own. 

We love you so very much, Miss Kayla.  It's been a wonderful two years, and I can't wait to see what this one brings.  Hugs and kisses to you sweet one. 

Love Always -


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