Friday, July 15, 2011

Time to consider a bed?

Today I picked Kayla up from daycare at noon and we went up to the farmer's market to pick up our produce for the next week.  Per usual, it took longer than planned and we arrived home after nap time would normally have begun.  Kayla was in full out meltdown mode and did NOT want to be put in her crib.  But I put her in and sat outside the door until she seemed calm.  I went out and brought our groceries inside and then sat down to check emails and such.  A little while later I heard her crying "my nuk!  My nuk!" so I went up to assess the situation.  Guess where that nuk was?

In the hallway. 

And a little hand was poking out under the door, trying to grab it. 

Little bugger can climb out of her crib.  At least she didn't get hurt... but I guess it's time we start thinking about how to get her in a bed since that mattress doesn't go any lower. 


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