Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Appointment Update 6/22 Edition

The nurse at May-Grant actually managed to catch my blood pressure at a reasonable level (115/74) with the machine the first time around this week! Yay! I'm up another 2 pounds, but everything is looking good. Kayla is still head down (under threat of being grounded for life if she flips and goes breech on me now) and the midwife felt as though she is sitting reasonably low even though it doesn't feel that way to me. Her HB is 144, so right in the same range as it's been.

I figured I'd doomed myself to going into labor this week since we have tickets to see Les Mis at the Fulton on Saturday; I know there's quite a bit of week left and still a chance, but I'm not counting on it. (But just in case, Dad and Sue - I hope you're on standby! I am going to call the box office and see if I can leave the tickets for someone else if need be...)

So I'm still just trudging along. Counting the days now... Cross your fingers for me.

37W 3D

18 days left.

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