Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Appointment update 6/8 edition

Last night's midwife appointment was pretty much a non-event. We had a small BP scare (the machine in the nurse's pod measured it at 144/94. She retook it on the other arm and it was worse!) but when she took it manually, it was 100/74. Totally normal. I don't know what sent her machine into a spasm, but at least my urine was clear so we knew immediately there was little reason to panic.

I saw Tiffany again this week. She measured me (didn't give the measurement) and checked little girl's heart beat. I think my scare got to her because her pulse was back up around 145 for the first time in a while! After that she did the Group B Strep swabs and that was pretty much it. My weight seems to be OK (up another 2 pounds) and we're just trucking on towards delivery. Next week they should start checking for dialation/effacement. Here's hoping there's a little something happening, that would help explain the sudden bouts of nausea.

Still counting down, only 32 days left...

PS - our laptop is still at Matt's house, so I'm updating this from work... and I can't get to my photobucket album from here to post the pic of Kayla's wall. Hopefully by next update!

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