Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appointment Update 6/29 Edition

Sorry for not writing yesterday, there really isn't much else to say at the moment. Same complaints, same attempts to talk myself out of being anxious...

Last night's appointment went pretty well. My BP was high on the first reading (funny pattern I've noticed - my BP is out of whack when I go to my appointments by myself) but fine in the exam room. I have hit the +50 pounds mark. Ugh. I'm feeling more and more contractions; nothing too painful yet but there are definitely moments of discomfort. Hopefully I still have a little more time. I know there are things that Shaun needs to accomplish at work and we want to accomplish at home before she arrives.

Anyway, baby watch 2k9 is now officially in effect. I'll keep everyone updated as much as possible in the coming days!

38W 3D

11 days and counting.

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