Sunday, October 25, 2009

Growing into things

It's truly amazing how fast these little ones grow.  We tried putting Kayla in her jumperoo for the first time last week.  She's still a little small for it, but she really lit up when she saw the array of bright colors and fun things to play with.  Hopefully as her neck gets a little stronger, she will be able to spend more time in it. 

She's rolling like crazy now too!  She rolled from her back to her belly for the first time last Saturday, and all of a sudden on Friday she decided it was something she wanted to try again.  And again and again.  She rolls over and then lifts her head up to look for our approval.  It's too cute. 

It's amazing how much she will still do even with a completely stuffed up head.  We were set to go visit Adam, Kristen, Trevor and Addison last week, until Kayla's cold ramped up again.  I really don't want to pass that on to Addison, so we opted to stay home.  We did go over to Matt's place for football on Saturday, and she was really pleasant all day despite only two short naps. 

Each day is more and more fun for us; I am so looking forward to putting her in her Halloween costume on Friday!  Here's hoping she holds up OK for a walk around the neighborhood and that it's not too cold!

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Jennifer said...

That Jumperoo looks like fun! Why didn't they have these things when I was young?!