Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm such a slacker

My apologies first and foremost for being behind on belly shots. I meant to pick them back up at 20 weeks and do them every week from there on out. I missed that mark, but we'll start now at 21 weeks and go from there. It's so hard to want to get in front of a camera these days...

Anyway, it's been another eventful few days since my last entry. Nothing nearly so thrilling as seeing our little angel again and being able to give her a name, but eventful none the less. We picked up the new car over lunch on Friday. It was a nice day, near 50 degrees when we went into the dealership. We got through inspecting the car, signing the paperwork and going over the manuals (this thing has a LOT of manuals) and just as we pulled out of the garage bay into the lot, it started to rain. And not just a few drops either, it POURED. Go figure. At least now we have it, Shaun has it (mostly) set up the way he wants it and we have two cars safe and appropriate for baby hauling.

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day. But it was cold. Too cold to enjoy the sunroof in the new car. Boo! We had lunch with my mom, which was a lot of fun (not to mention we are all crazy about the food at Barny's!). Then we dashed home to clean up the house a bit and have some friends over for dinner. Thanks to inspiration from a website and a little show called "Man VS Food" there are four of us in the area who are all walking heart attacks now. Thank you very much.

Sunday wasn't very exciting, but they rarely are. I had a killer headache most of the day, so I was pretty much useless. We did start watching the first season of Heros on Netflix. Great show, really addictive.

The only other news right now is the crazy snow we're getting! It could be as much as 5 - 8" by the end of the day today. Nothing compared to the freak 8 - 10" we got a few weeks ago when no one was predicting it, but still inconvenient. I've had enough of this crap already.

There's no real news with the canteloupe baby (I can't resist the food comparisons even though she has a name now) other than a lot more movement. I felt her thumping me quite a few times this weekend; it always makes me smile. I'm sure that will change when my ribs start getting in the way, but for now it's still amazing. I actually can't wait to go for my regular checkup next week so I get to hear her heartbeat again. It's about the only thing worth having to get on the scale for...


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